PACT underwear brand, is a fuseproject-venture that blends design and sustainability with active support for powerful social and environmental causes. PACT believes that the everyday choices we make communicate personal values. Buying PACT underwear is more than a transaction; it is commerce as a social movement embodying the motto: Change Starts With Your Underwear.

Amid the many stereotypes associated with cause-driven campaigns, PACT took a different approach. PACT’s challenge was always how to make doing good and looking good, go hand in hand: how to make contributing to good causes an engaging experience, and how to create a sustainable product that people desire. With PACT, we created a unique new paradigm for cause-marketed product which combine these different elements into a new experience—one that was creative and engaging, and delivered compelling product.

PACT’s cause-marketed brand of men’s and women’s underwear is based on a collaborative model between PACT, selected social and environmental causes, and contemporary creatives. PACT solicits artwork from artists and designers and adapts it into screenprints for underwear which is sold to the public. For every pair of underwear sold, 10% of the purchase price is donated to selected causes.

PACT built a holistic brand around the foundational principles: Good Deeds, Good Design and Good Practices. With so much hype and “Greenwashing” going on, to have market credibility and protect the integrity of our partners, we had to execute everything in a considered way. Every step in our process met stringent standards for social and environmental responsibility. The materials used in our products are organic cotton, locally-farmed, knitted, dyed and printed, cut and sewn, within a 100-mile radius in Turkey. We strive to add nothing to the underwear which ends up in a landfill including synthetic hangtags or wasteful packaging. We replaced conventional individual plastic bags used for sorting in the factory with re-usable fabric bags cut from waste fabric, and developed shipping bags which are 100% compostable. The retail packaging is both recycled and recyclable, as well as designed with flexibility to maximize use across many SKU’s using the fewest variations possible to minimize waste and overages.

They connected consumers to meaningful causes, brought to life in bold, one-of-a-kind prints each designed to tell the story of the cause. PACT delivered fashion-conscious designs with a modern sensibility and great fit made using soft organic cotton, and strictly sustainable processes. In fact, almost the entire manufacturing process takes place within a 100-mile radius. From sourcing the fabric, to dyeing and coloring, cutting, sewing, and packing the underwear.

The product is manufactured with all processes, from growing the cotton to producing the finished product, within a 100-mile radius. The underwear is made of organic and non-GMO cotton.

We created a voice and personality for the PACT brand which differentiated it from other underwear brands. While many underwear brands still rely on the overtly sexy ad campaigns and visual references, we chose a casual, real-life approach for PACT. Rather than studio shots PACT’s visual references feature playful, animated scenes of people wearing the product. This easy-going personality and overall approachability makes the brand accessible to all.

This spirit is embodied in two of the brand’s calls to action.

Understanding that the underwear category is one which consumers have a strong emotional attachment to, we realized the opportunity to build on that attachment by bringing a social conscience to it, but doing it in a way which still satisfies the need to feel attractive in your underwear. Underwear became the perfect vehicle for expression.

To create more meaningful engagement between people and the causes they contribute to, PACT took a pattern approach. Every pattern created by an artist for an underwear print carries the story of the organization it was created for, to deliver a thoughtful visual expression of the cause and create a visceral connection between the wearer of the underwear and the cause they contributed to through their purchase.


  • Spark Award, Gold, 2009
  • GOOD Design Award, Packaging, 2010
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  • IDEA Award, Silver, Personal Accessories, 2010
  • IDEA Award, Silver, Personal Accessories, 2010
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