Game in Style: Sayl Chair

Game in Style: Sayl Chair

Round out your setup and enjoy a healthier, more comfortable way to play. Bringing years of innovation, research, and ergonomics to the world of gaming, our partners at Herman Miller have released a very Special Gaming Edition of our iconic Sayl Chair in an all-new, expressive, color palette.

Inspired by the architecture and the less-is-more engineering of suspension bridges, Sayl is a comfortable and dynamic chair for gaming that uses fewer parts and less material than other foam and fabric chairs.

Sayl’s harmonic tilt keeps the body supported, allowing for natural, balanced movement as you shift positions while you play or switch it up between games.

It’s unframed back features an elastomer support grid stretched to provide the greatest tension at points where support is needed and the least in areas that allow for the most expansive range of motion. The 3D Intelligent suspension also provides passive support, allowing the spine to maintain its natural S curve and empowering the body to hold a strong posture with less fatigue.

Because gaming is more active than browsing the internet or reading an article, the chair’s forward seat angle provides postural performance advantage, supporting the spine as you lean into your game.

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