Just as Americans have become accustomed to showing off their “I Voted!” stickers on Election Day, vaccination at your nearest high school auditorium, local CVS, or immunization supersite now comes with a similar rite of passage: proudly affixing an “Immunity Together” sticker to your jacket, shirt, backpack, or hat.

The stickers are a key component of this urgent public health campaign: spreading not just a feeling of playfulness, but also the message that vaccines are safe, accessible, and signal the end of the pandemic.

As part of the Vaccinate All 58 campaign, Governor Newsom’s Social Innovation office partnered with fuseproject to create a slogan and sticker design in light of eligibility opening to all Californians on April 15th. Our slogan, “Immunity Together”, created by fuseproject’s Brand Team, reminds people of the power of coming together through community and unity, two words that are enabled by vaccine immunity.

The sticker designs are inclusive of five different languages—English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog. Following a press conference on the morning of April 15 announcing statewide eligibility where our fuseproject-designed poster for the same campaign will be on display, our Immunity Together sticker will be printed in large quantities and made available at both mega-vaccination sites and many other sites throughout the state. 

The design features two bandage ends that when overlapped create a heart shape. The simple icon is very recognizable and serves to inspire confidence, encourage a call-to-action, and spread the message of eligibility to all Californians. 

A bright and bold color palette is explored across many languages that our slogan is translated into, and speaks of the Governor’s message of equitability and commitment to the many communities that make up our diverse state.

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