Neo now available!

Neo now available!

Our latest smartwatch, Neo, designed for European mobile carrier, Vodafone, is now available for purchase!

Neo combines design innovation with technology to offer a new wearable: a smartwatch that creates a sense of independence for kids while providing parents with important safety & security features—like GPS tracking—through the app. Designed for an age group with quickly fluctuating interests, Neo can be customized to suit and reflect the changing forms of self-expression.

With the watch, parents can create a “circle of trust” that is able to call, text, and get updates on their kid’s location from the companion Vodafone Smart app. A tactile elastomeric button is ergonomically positioned at the top corner of the screen and serves as the primary action button for all of Neo’s basic functions. Neo can also receive calendar updates, check the weather, track activity, and take photos with a built-in 5-megapixel camera.

The smartwatch’s angled watch face improves the viewing angle, reducing strain on the wrist. The straps are designed to be customizable across an array of bright colors and materials that are suitable for kids and teens. Thanks to a clever attachment mechanism, they can also accommodate a straight-facing orientation.

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