New AI-powered Home Fitness System Unveiled

New AI-powered Home Fitness System Unveiled

These days, more and more people are looking for health and wellness solutions that allow us to stay safe, mentally healthy, and physically active while our daily lives are confined to our homes. Home fitness machines are becoming a more appealing option for their ease of use, economy of overall cost, and diversity of classes. FORME Life is a simple and integrated home wellness machine as well as a large-scale platform with a multitude of fitness and wellbeing practices that inspires people of all ages and skill levels to achieve their health goals.

fuseproject’s philosophy in designing FORME Life’s hardware, user experience, and brand is to blur the lines between the home and gym, and be the perfect solution for folks who love the motivation, variety, and instruction you get from a great personal trainer at a gym, but simply don’t have the time it takes to maintain a consistent gym schedule.

Human-centered design
The industrial design team designed FORME to be minimal and discreet in the home. The simple outline surrounds a mirrored display, while ergonomic extruded arms are easily adjustable via a button placed mid-way through it to facilitate exercise change.

FORME Life’s matte grey color and mirror finish blends naturally with the home environment and requires less than one square foot of space, allowing it to be positioned or mounted in a hallway or bedroom, delivering a full gym without the need of an extra exercise space.

Machine learning and AI
The FORME user interface serves as an important tool for motivation. The fuseproject UX team designed the UI with straightforward graphics that show progress and remaining exercises.

Aided by machine learning and AI, FORME Life selects the appropriate weight for an exercise and automatically adjusts as the fitness levels change over time.

A next-generation brand
The fuseproject brand team developed the FORME name, brand direction, logo and monogram. The name FORME is derived from the French word, “forme”–rather than emphasizing the old-fashioned notion of muscles, it speaks to a natural form physique and the idea of doing things right for one’s body and mind.

We are thrilled to officially announce the highly anticipated launch of this AI-powered, all-in-one home fitness system. Pre-order options are now available on the new FORME Life website.

“As you get older and life becomes busier, the hurdles get steeper, making it harder to take two hours out of a day, several times a week for your health and mental wellness. So the inspiration for FORME was to provide more time for our minds and body in this fast-paced era we find ourselves in.” –Yves Béhar



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